Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some things to look forward to.....and the "day after" the happy news...

As wonderful as yesterday's news was about my job security, it was also a bit surreal. I was thinking about it later. I'd carried around the burden of possibly losing my job for so many weeks that I almost didn't know what it was like to live without it. I'll tell you what it is like: WONDERFUL...

Last night I slept better and more soundly than I have in ages. I hadn't even realized the way the job stress had affected my sleep. This morning while I was getting ready for work I thought to myself how at that time yesterday I was gearing up for a day of preparing for today's sub, and how I had planned to leave so early to attend the RIF (Reduction in Force) hearing; it hardly seemed possible that I would be able to miss it.

At school our morning schedule was a little bit different, simply because teachers that do not have their own classrooms were needed as subs to fill in for those who DID have to attend the RIF hearing. I feel awful for my colleagues who had to go and whose jobs may still be in jeopardy. And, there is still the slim possibility that I could be bumped to another school (slim,) and to another grade level in another classroom. I'm just going to take one thing at a time and just be grateful for the fact that I HAVE A JOB. I have a job, I have an income--that's all anyone can ask for these days.

Next week my mom and I will drive to Carmel and spend 5 days/4 nights days at the LOVELY Cypress Inn. I can't wait. You can visit their website HERE. It is, literally, my favorite place to visit. I knew that it would be great to go there knowing that the RIF hearing was over, but now there is the added extra of going and knowing that my job is secure. That is certainly more than I could've ever hoped for. We'll have a great time, we'll take my dog, the hotel is stunning and the people so nice. It will be a wonderful break from everything as I head into the homestretch of the school year.

Life is good. I'm still amazed at yesterday's incredible news. What a miracle that was!

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