Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being Grateful...

In church on Sunday we had a lesson on pride. Being proud vs. being prideful. One of the ways to combat pride is to be grateful.

I was thinking about the many uses of being grateful. I've never really struggled with pride that much, but I have struggled in other ways. For me, I often don't appreciate the moment I'm in and am always looking forward to the next moment. Sometimes that leads me to getting into little funks of depression. Not DEPRESSION, but not being as happy as I know I could be.

During a little self-analysis Sunday afternoon I realized that those little bouts can also be fought with being grateful. Usually they circle around missing California and my family. Sometimes it is just a matter of being a little bit lonely when Eric is working that long 12-hour day and I'm home with just me and the pets. Aside from Fred Meyer and walking the dog by the lake, there isn't a whole lot to do in this town. BUT...

If I work on being more grateful during those moments, I am reminded of how lucky I really am.

The most basic things to be grateful for lift me out of those cloudy moments. Some standards:

1. My wonderful husband. He's the most wonderful man I've ever known. He loves me 100% unconditionally, faults and all. He's smart, fun, sweet, Supportive, chivalrous, generous, musical, sensitive, spiritual, and extremely funny. He is truly my best friend.

2. My family. They may be far, they may be scattered, but they are still my foundation of life.

3. Our home. It is a quirky-looking house, but it suits us perfectly, and the location cannot be beat.

4. Church. The spiritual uplift, extended family, and understanding of my life's purpose, where I came from and where I'm going. To know that we are all part of something greater and that we're loved by Heavenly Father is a wonderful thing.

See? I feel better already.


Karen said...

Great post, Kristie! I was just reading a talk in the Ensign about being grateful. Here's one of the quotes that caught my eye. It's by Aldous Huxley, quoted by President Monson: "Most human beings have an almost infinite capactiy for taking things for granted."

Tricia said...

Here Here! Gratitude is a blessing in and of itself, isn't it.

I finally got to read your last few posts. I enjoyed your thoughts. I agree with Karen (but not Sally....slee hee!)-- being ever watchful, careful, observant and taking every opportunity to teach. I've thought a lot about what it takes to build the confidence they need to be strong and I think much of it comes down to the relationship they have with us as their parents, and especially the relationship they have with God. That is where their inner strength, sensitivity to truth and true confidence will come from.

I've got my kids living in a bubble right now- a little greenhouse of sorts. Must toughen up the roots of these little seedlings right now! They need a safe place to figure out who they are BEFORE they face the world and everyone telling them who they ought to be.

Anyhoo-- just a few thoughts, long after the post!

Sally said...

I'm grateful for blogs that let me be uplifted by my friends so many years after we had to part ways.

Kristie said...

Thanks Karen and Slish! I appreciate your comments. And, Trish, I'm assuming that the part of Sally's comments that you disagree with is the "augmentation" part, right? LOL

I was thinking about these things because a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she felt like she often suffered from "Christmas Syndrome," where the actual events never seemed to live up to the anticipation of them. I think I suffer from that too sometimes, which is what led to this entry. Anyway, thanks again...love you ladies!

Kristie said...

We're grateful for you too, Sally!

Tricia said...

Actually, Sally, I was completely kidding. Your comment gave me a laugh. I've been thinking...Barbie brand ought to come out with a "Sally Doll" for our girls. I know just what she'd look like too...=)