Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Christmas decorating--for me--is all about the tree. Here are some trees that have crossed my path lately, including one very unusual one at the end:

Our tree

Walters tree

Mori tree

Thornton tree

Enders tree

Cortez tree

Telford tree

And first prize for originality goes to the house on Kessler in our neighborhood for their upside down Christmas tree! The current owner did this in homage to the eccentric lady who used to live there. It catches your eye, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

Love all the trees...each one has a different personality...I LOVE my tree and hope to figure out how to post pictures soon.
Love, MOM

Gnildir said...

Kristie... I am a moderator of the facebook group "You know that you are from Kelso/Longview when..." People are going nuts on this thread... Oh, and I had to snatch this picture to post in that group. As far as I heard, Ruth (that eccentric lady) used a chandlier and stuck fir boughs on it. I am waiting for a response from her grandson about the truth of her tree. Hop in that group and you will learn a lot about Longview and Kelso. -Aaron "That dahlia guy"