Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Busy Month!

My quiet summer enjoying the weather has turned into a busy one!  I don't know if I should be thankful or not that everything I need to do is all happening in the month of July, but at least it will all be finished around the same time.

This week is my "prep" week, and as long as I use my time well, everything should be fine.

So what are all of these things that need doing?  First of all, I teach Relief Society every third Sunday.  I love this calling and would do it forever if I could.  But I put a lot of time into my lessons, usually devoting an entire day to preparing.  That was yesterday.  With a few breaks here and there, I worked on my lesson from 10am to 5pm.  No joke.  Probably a solid 4-5 hours with a few other distractions and meals thrown in.  No wonder I'm always running out of time when I teach!

I have also been asked to do 2 other things at church.  One of them is to spearhead a service project that involves collecting school supplies for kids whose families cannot afford them.  At 4:30am on Sunday morning I was typing up sign-up sheets because I had just received the information on what we needed to collect.  I had no idea what kind of a response we would get as I passed the clipboard around that day.  Fortunately, it was pretty packed in Relief Society that day.  But, even more fortunately, is that we have an amazing group of ladies who always help one another.  By the time the clipboard was returned to me, most of the spaces were filled, along with $75 attached for me to buy things that had not been signed up for yet. Isn't that incredible?  I was so sure that I would only have a few people helping out.  I love this ward.  So that means that I need to hit the stores so that I can give an updated report on where we are on Sunday.

Next week is also the Primary girls' adventure camp.  Being a convert, I was never in Primary and I never went to Girls Camp.  These younger girls are going to a 2-day day camp, not an over-nighter, which is where the Young Women are this week.  I was asked to lead a workshop for the young ones, ages 8-11, next Wednesday.  4 sessions, 30 minutes each, 10-15 girls per session.  The subject is using clean language, not using the Lord's name in vain, and not using those "fake F words."  We all know what they are.  I have some ideas of what I want to do and have already bought a few supplies, now it is just a matter of sitting down and organizing my thoughts and hammering everything out.  I want it to be as visual and as "non-preachy" as possible because it is camp and it is supposed to be fun, but still a memorable learning experience.

And, last but not least, we are in the process of painting our house (Eric and his dad are painting) AND I have jury duty starting on July 23rd.  I haven't quite lost my mind yet.  This is about as busy as I would like to be, as long as I stay busy and organized.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer with their families!  That you're getting to go on trips and go swimming and get things done around the house.  The fun thing that we are looking forward to is seeing Jersey Boys in Portland on August 7th, which will be our two-year wedding anniversary.  It will be very fun and a nice reward once all of the current craziness is done.  Off I go!

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