Friday, August 17, 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary

Last week, on August 7th, Eric and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!  I still can't believe it has been 2 years.  Honestly, sometimes I still can't believe I'm married.  But I certainly feel fortunate that I have found such an incredible and loving husband.

Eric planned his vacation time around our special date, so we made plans for a fun evening.  We drove down to Vancouver to our favorite sushi restaurant.  Then we headed to Portland and saw Jersey Boys.  Our seats were right up front, the music was great (most of which we have all heard over the years,) and the story was both entertaining and interesting.  I will admit that both of us were completely unprepared for the language in the show, but we tried not to let that ruin our evening.  But I wouldn't recommend taking children to seen it. A shame, too, because it really was a great show otherwise.

Again, as I have done so many times over the last two years, I ponder how much my life has changed now that I'm married.  New state, new house, new friends, new life.  It is a life I never would've predicted for myself, but that I am so, so grateful for.  Eric and I have spent a lot of time together over these last 2 weeks during his vacation...working on the house, cleaning the garage, picking out a new door and fixtures now that the house is freshly painted...and in doing these things it just reminds me again how much we are made for each other.  I love the fun we have, the way he teases, the way we communicate and make decisions together.  I love the way we work as a team and how we take care of each other.  I love his devotion to our marriage and to me.

Being married to him is truly a gift, and I look forward to many, many years together.  On to Year Number 3!


Becky Cook said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Over the years I had lost contact with my Cousin, Eric. I love reading your blog and getting to see a brief peek into your lives.
Happy Anniversary. My God shine down on you in your next year with many blessings.

Sally said...

You posted this on Grant's and my 18th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to you and Eric! I wish we lived close enough to go out for sushi together (we had some on our anniversary,too).

Kristie said...

Aww, thanks Sally! Happy Anniversary to you and Grant too! One day we'll have another Slook reunion--with spouses this time. I can say that now because I have one. LOL!