Friday, October 12, 2012

A Rainy Friday-the First of Many...

Well, it has happened.  Summer is officially over.  Not because of any declarations on a wall calendar, but because of the persistent rain outside.  The life-long residents, with their internal barometers, promise that the weather usually turns the week before Halloween.  This year we had a late summer and now an early fall.  Yay (weakly.)

It's drippy and gloomy and slightly mocking outside.  It smells musty and not particularly attractive.  The likelihood that it will let up enough for a quick walk with the dog seems slim.  Sigh.  I'm not really prone to S.A.D. (Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder,) but it the summer was beautiful and over too quickly.  Now it is back to layers, wet feet, and the eternal query: to take an umbrella, or to not take an umbrella?  That is the question.

It also means that the holiday season is not far away.  Halloween decorations in closets are waiting to be displayed.  Tomorrow, I think. Christmas plans need to be made, which I am putting off because Eric has to work every major holiday in the next few months. 

There is one place to escape to right now.  Any guesses? 

Into the world of a good book.  I'm nearly finished with my "Elsie" book, having just passed the tragic news about the young man smitten with her.  Two other books, both promising, wait in the wings. 

And today is my mom's birthday.  We have a FaceTime date later so I can watch her open our card and present.

So go on, Rain.  Give us your worst.  A good day awaits.

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