Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wildlife Adventures!

I know, second post today, but I just have to show some of the pictures from my walk today.  It has been a day with alternate sun and rain, which makes the sunny part of the day even prettier.

Bailey and I walked down to the lake only to find a lot of the ducks huddled together.  Today, a lot of the females were gathered around a big white goose.  They even swam together as if the goose was their mother with the adult females following it.

But the best part was seeing a young mother duck with her TWELVE little tiny ducklings.  The mother was so young she didn't even have the normal marking of a female adult.  The ducklings followed her in a tight little group until one of them strayed in the wrong direction.  I sat watching for several minutes as the stray duckling swam farther and farther in the wrong direction, making peeping noises.  It was clearly distressed.  At first the mommy duck didn't notice as she was taking her brood to swim among some lily pads.  Then she noticed.  The animal world is amazing.  She started peeping too until the little stray one finally went in the right direction and they reunited.  Hooray for a mother's instinct!

Click on the photos to see them full-sized...

One of those lucky shots!
Looking up the hill, lined with hanging flower baskets
This little group was hilarious playing Follow the Leader.

There's the young family!  Can you tell which one is headed in the wrong direction?

Minutes later, reunited!  I'm sure he got a speech about not wandering off again.
All accounted for, making their way to the water's edge.
One last look before we cross the street and head home.

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