Friday, September 13, 2013

Things I Have Been Enjoying Lately...

Just my luck that as soon as my cold went away, my hubby started a work schedule that has been very hard on us both.  Probably harder on him, because of the hours and physical demands, but hard on me because I'm barely going to see him for about 3 weeks.  I'm reveling in our dinners together and trying to make them as nice and as yummy as possible.

So, that is something I have not been enjoying.

But I have been turning my attention to other things when I'm not taking care of this very demanding house (the work is truly never done.) After months away from it, I've reintroduced myself to the "Washington Anytime Library," an online borrowing service that is SO much more convenient, quiet, and easy to navigate than going to an actual library. (Our local library, while nice, isn't very strict about noise level.) 

I started using this service less and less because it seemed like I was always having to wait for the books I borrowed, sometimes for weeks.  But now the site tells you right in the search whether or not the book you're looking at is checked out or not.  Sweet! 

I have 3 books out right now, all free!

I Still Dream About You, by Fannie Flagg
Why Smart Kids Worry, by Allison Edwards
The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

It's obvious that this site has been revamped lately.  For the better, I say. 

My book club seems to be fading away, so between this service, the Amazon Lending Library, and, I think I'm set for a very long time.  Gloomy weather is coming up soon, so I need my arsenal of good books!

This morning I finished The Witch of Blackbird Pond, our October selection.  I probably read the whole thing in 4 hours and was riveted the entire time.  I discuss it on my book review site HERE.

On the TV/movie front, Eric and I recently saw The Impossible, the true story about the family who endured the tsunami in Thailand in the early 2000's.   Can I just say WOW, and more wow.  An amazing film, incredibly realistic special effects, and a story that grips you by the throat and doesn't let you go for 2 hours.  We both thought it was great.

We've also been watching Amazon's new exclusive show Under the Dome.  What a train wreck.  Based on a Stephen King novel with new episodes being added every Friday, we've watched 8 so far of the available 12.  Each time we just shake our heads at the ridiculousness of it all.  Yet, we go back for more.  It's a good show to watch together because we can pick it apart together.

On my own, I've been greatly enjoying the BBC's Lark Rise to Candleford. Since Eric hasn't watched it with me yet, I can forge ahead with as many episodes as I like (I already got him hooked on Downton Abbey and Doc Martin. Never could get him into Call the Midwife.)  I can honestly say I have not enjoyed a series so much since Downton.  It is positively delightful with a bevy of wonderful characters and multiple story lines.

We decided to give up our cable TV 2 months ago so we have no channels in our house.  I must say, I don't even miss them.  With the channels available on the Roku (Netflix, Amazon streaming, BYUtv) we are more than set with high quality options.

And, with the exception of a little bit of rain here and there, I've been enjoying the sunshine during these last weeks of summer.  My dog and I take a nice, long walk every day, usually somewhere between breakfast and lunch and see the flowers, the nearby lake, the kids playing at the playground, and our fellow walkers.  All of us drinking in these rays that will leave us in another few weeks.  I've endured 3 rainy winters in the Pacific Northwest so far, so I'm preparing for a fourth.  Admittedly, I enjoy autumn much more than I ever did now that I am not teaching, and the holiday season always keeps me busy.  It is gloomy January that feels a bit long--spring still feels so far away.  But I'll be fine.  I'm not one of those seasonally depressed people.

So, what about you? Have you been enjoying any good books lately or basking in the glories of nature?  There's always something.

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