Sunday, November 17, 2013

Michael Buble Concert!!

OK, I should be writing about my trip to California last week to see my family, but I am still jazzed about this amazing concert we went to last night at the Rose Garden in Portland (now called the "Moda Center..." what a terrible name change!)

Eric and I saw Michael Buble' and we had SO... MUCH... FUN!

We did the whole premium parking/dinner package/good seats thing and have been hanging onto our tickets since buying them in June.  Think of all we've done since June!

The dinner was "meh," but we were seated with a really nice couple who we chatted with the entire time.  The lady couldn't get over how much Eric looked and acted her her own son, also named Eric!

The opening act was really good!  Opening acts are always a gamble.  It was an a capella group called Naturally 7th.  Really excellent and great at getting the crowd excited.

At 9pm it was time for BUBBLE!  (Our nickname.)  The curtain parted, fiery graphics appeared on the screen, REAL fire jetted upwards from the front of the stage, and Michael appeared at the top of a ramp, which he slid down as he started singing "Fever."  The opening of the show was great, he is really funny and plays to the crowd.

I saw him in 2005 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and that concert, while good, was not nearly as good as last night.  He was too goofy and it affected his singing.  He's kind of a naturally goofy guy anyway, and incredibly witty, but he has really refined his concert skills in these last 8 years.  And you can tell he has matured as a person and is very grounded.  Marriage and parenthood will do that to a person!

The whole show was just about FUN, FUN, FUN.  I was so impressed with the stage graphics too.  But me telling it doesn't do it justice at all!  I'm going to post some pictures and try (hoping and praying) that Blogger will let me post videos.  I haven't posted without going through YouTube first.  Fingers crossed.

All in all, if Michael is playing in your area...GO SEE HIM.  You will have an awesome time. It's a show for all ages, which were totally represented in the audience last night.

Click on these pictures to see them even bigger.  I would not recommend going full-sized on the videos below.  It will mess with the quality.

Lights, colors, music!!

We were very close to the secondary stage, where he spent a little bit of time during the show's second half.  The crowd loved him!
OK, videos...please work!


MOM said...

Videos came through well. I liked the 33 sec. video the best. I don't care for all the extra noise, I like hearing his voice. It came through nice on that second one. Nice to hear a singer's voice...

Kristie said...

I prefer the simpler ones too, but I wanted to get a sampling of the performances throughout the night.