Saturday, December 6, 2014

45 Minutes to Breathe Today

A little of everything! Just like the way Life has been these past few weeks!
It feels like Life has been at an extra fast pace since we adopted our kitten, Maggie, on November 8th. My CA trip--with its very full days-- Thanksgiving, and now the Christmas season make for many obligations and the desire to go to bed extra early each night. I'm sleeping around 8-9 hours a night because I need it desperately.

Christmas presents, thankfully, are done. Not wrapped, but purchased.

Christmas cards are done. Addressed and mailed. We sent out only a small number this year.

Christmas decorating is done. Thanks to a hyper kitten we decided not to put up a tree this year. Decorations from years of boutique shopping, some stockings, and 1 nativity will be enough.

I'm trying to keep a balance of what to say Yes and what to say No to, in terms of helping with Christmas things at church. Yes to helping with the Festival of Nativities. No to choir. Yes to the Christmas party. No to attending a bazaar today. I know my limits! And I know I get overwhelmed easily if I commit to too many things. Plus there are the daily house chores that need to be done. A clean house is one of the things I need to keep my sanity!

The past few days were very nice, spending time with Eric before he had to start 6 straight days of work today.  I'm looking forward to giving him nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners in a few weeks, even though he has to work on the 24th AND the 25th.  This is the first time since we've been married he's had to work these days and I haven't been in California. It will be fine, and I'm already thinking about how to spend my Christmas Day, like using it to work on an upcoming Relief Society lesson.

Going to the gym each morning has been my respite. Getting those steps in, reading my Kindle while listening to classical music (to drown out the horrible hip hop on the radio.)  It has really helped to keep my weight maintained with the delicious meals and treats that inevitably pop up during the holiday season.

Yes, keeping a balance is what it's all about.  My goal is to keep it up!

And next week is going to be another busy one!  5 out of 6 days are already booked!

And now?  My 45 minutes are up. Time to make dinner.

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