Saturday, May 30, 2009

Down to the Wire!

Wow...summer is so close I can almost taste it!

This is going to be something of a working weekend. Report cards, which we do online, are going to be my priority today and tomorrow. I also have some essays to look over that will go into my students' cumulative folders. Ugh...those folders...I always put them off because they are the hardest and most tedious part of the end-of-year things that need to be done.

At home things are rolling along. I'm trying to not let the housework go by the wayside while so busy with schoolwork. Ramius the kitten is getting very, very active! Sometimes too active, but I tell myself it is the kitten phase that he will eventually outgrow. *fingers crossed!*

My mom is redoing her backyard and building a gazebo. It is SO pretty! I might have to start saving my pennies. It is expensive, but not impossible. And I already have the brick patio where it would go, so there would be no need to lay a floor for it.

And, although it has been a while, I've gotten back into a singing mood this week. Here are 2 songs I did on MySpace's KSolo site last night and one from SingSnap. Two of them are "summer themed..." Could that have some hidden meaning? LOL



(click the titles to hear them)


Karen said...

I am ready for summer, too!!

emmsifoppicus said...

Yay I can finally hear you - the myspace site you were using before blocked me as I'm from the UK but this singsnap thing works :)