Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tables...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! My family will be here in little over an hour. We'll be 17 people tonight feasting on turkey, lots of side dishes, and pie. What are you going to be doing?

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours setting the tables. I've learned that a really good rule of thumb is to set them a day ahead of time.

Here are the results. Click on each picture to see the larger image:

The big table:
Little table #1:
Little table #2:

Yay! I love having pretty tables for all of my guests!


Karen said...

Oh Kristie - they look GREAT! I'm so impressed! I love your Christmas dishes, too. It all looks so nice! I'd be happy to be one of your guests. =)

Sally said...

Gorgeous as usual. And Xander even has his little high chair set for him! I hope you guys had loads of fun!

The Driskill Family said...

Woa! Very cool tables! Just gorgeous! What a fun idea to take pictures and put them on the blog for us to see! :-)