Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Engagement Photos and a VERY Full Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend 2010...this weekend will now have new memories for me.

Eric came down from WA last Thursday evening. We had a full agenda of things we needed to accomplish. It was so full I had even written out a little calendar for us to follow so that we wouldn't forget anything. And, yay us! Not only did we do everything we wanted to do, but we also did it ahead of time so that we could fit in some fun things too.

  • haircut for Kristie
  • got the marriage license (after standing in line for an hour, going up to a little dingy window at the County Clerk's office in East LA, and watching a few couples get married in this small, pre-decorated room off to the side. I guess if you gotta, you gotta.)
  • we drove to The Beckham Grill in Pasadena to check it out as a venue for the rehearsal dinner--we were so impressed with the atmosphere, the food, the service and the prices. We booked it right then and there.
  • Off to Macy's to register! We had already picked out our china pattern during Eric's last trip. Now we just had to make it official.
  • While we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at the Pasadena Gold Company to pick up my custom-made wedding ring. Not to sound immodest, but...WOW, WOW, WOW. It is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. 70 little 1.25 point diamonds decorate the 1cm wide white gold band, where my solitaire will rest in the middle. It is a work of art that I hope will become a family heirloom, as it is one-of-a-kind, and partly designed by me.
  • Then a quick burger from IN-n-OUT and, at 7pm, a meeting with the bishop, who will perform the ceremony for us.
Full day?! I think so!

On Saturday we were able to relax a little more, because we accomplished so much the day before. We had a nice breakfast and then visited a nearby park as a possible place to take engagement pictures the next day. Then a trip to the market and then a relaxing afternoon having a Thorn Birds marathon.

On Sunday we met with our photographer, Nick Charrow. We drove to the park from the day before and spent an hour or so taking engagement photos. I'll post a few samples that Nick sent us. We are very pleased!!

We also stopped by and visited our florist, Matt, at The Flower Garden in Pasadena. He showed us a prototype of the centerpieces. Loved it!

Yesterday we returned to the park and brought some KFC, a blanket, a Frisbee, some UNO cards and had ourselves a little Memorial Day picnic. We got there at a great time, right before it got too busy. The weather was beautiful.

Today I had to go back to work. The final layoff decisions will be made at a board meeting on Thursday evening. So, although the day in the classroom was fairly good, the tension in the air, and knowing that Eric was at my house and I couldn't be there with him detracted from the day a bit.

After school he picked me up and we drove out to the Ontario Airport and said our goodbyes. The next time we see each other will be in 3 weeks, when I go up to WA from June 22-July 2nd. We are getting really, really tired of having to say goodbye all the time.

At least we have some great engagement photos to remind us of this wonderful weekend!


Karen said...

Oh Kristie - I love the engagement pictures!! The first and last are my favorites. You guys look so happy, and I'm so excited for you!

I love that you had everything all planned out for the weekend. (Not that I expected anything less from you.) Is he as organized as you, or are you the master planner in the relationship? =)

Kristie said...

Thanks, Karen! The first and last are our faves too. There are more pictures on the way. Our photographer put a CD of all the shots in the mail and it should be here anytime.

With the wedding planning, I'm doing a lot of the organizing (partly because I'm the bride and partly because I have the advantage of living in the location of where the wedding will be.) However, he is a very organized person in many ways.

Bottom line? We compliment each other very well. :-)

Tricia said...

I love the candid smiles on the last one! And the second one is just so sweet. =) I do remember those busy weekends of wedding planning (Creighton and I lived apart our whole engagement, too- he was in California). Despite the craziness of cramming it all in, I love to remember those weekends.