Monday, August 8, 2011

We've been Mr. and Mrs. for 1 year!

Yesterday Eric and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. One year! In some ways it feels like the time has flown, and in other ways I cannot believe all that has happened in this year we've been married.

Most importantly, I cannot believe how my love for this wonderful man continues to grow and grow. It is amazing to have found someone who knows me so well, accepts and still loves me for my flaws, is so fun to be with, and who makes my happiness a priority every day. I am truly blessed, and he was definitely worth waiting for!

We wanted to do something special, different, but simple to celebrate this wonderful occasion. We heard a commercial for a supper club/lounge in Portland, OR called Tony Starlight's and did some research on it. It is, literally, a little hole-in-the-wall place that serves dinner and has a show. We decided to go and listen to a swing band called the Shanghai Woolies. The dinner was yummy and the musicians very, very good. Admittedly, I found the lead singer girl very irritating, but fortunately she only performed with them about 50% of the time and the others more than made up for it. The music was fun and nostalgic and we were seated right up front!

We had researched hotels in the area and decided to add to the anniversary adventure by staying in a 105 year-old B&B called The Lion and the Rose:
It was built by a German brewer at the turn of the century and has been operating as a B&B for about 20 years. Stepping inside was truly like stepping out of a time machine and into another era:
And, although Eric educated me on the fact that the house was not in the best part of town, it wasn't that bad. It felt a lot like the older parts of Pasadena...older, slightly run-down buildings that attract a certain bohemian element.

Our room, one of 8 bedrooms, was called the Escapade Room, which was roomy and comfortable with a tiny bathroom and tinier shower:
And we ate a nice breakfast of fruit, pastries, eggs, sausage, and blueberry pancakes in this beautiful dining room the next morning:
It was nice to not have a very long drive back home. We were back in town by 10:30 that morning, where we did some quick shopping and picked up the pooch at the kennel.

The rest of the weekend has been relaxing, watching movies, going on walks, and enjoying each other's company before Eric had to return to work today. It was a quick, but fun adventure to celebrate the wonderful day one year ago when our lives came together in this great thing we call being married. Everyone should be this happy.

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