Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Big 4-1. There's no turning back now!

After celebrating Eric's birthday on Tuesday, we celebrated mine yesterday. (Those 24 hours of him being 4 years older than me are LONG gone!)

On Tuesday night he brought me some gorgeous deep pink roses and a lovely card for my birthday the next day and then we went for Mexican at our favorite place in town (his choice.)

Yesterday we had a nice lazy day at home (weekends for us are not at the same time as they are for most people.) We walked the dog, I got a mani-/pedi, we made dinner at home, and continued our Harry Potter movie marathon by watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1.

The fun part is when people ask me, "Did you go out for a nice dinner on your birthday?" Haha, no! I certainly had that option, but because we had been out the night before and will be out again tonight for Eric's nephew's birthday, I decided against it.

So, what did we have? I'll bet you'll never guess in a million years...

Sushi? No. Chicken? Nope.

Live and Onions? YES.

As part of our recent commitment to eating healthier (A whole other blog post,) we've introduced liver into our dinner repertoire. The green bean casserole, I'll admit, is not the healthiest side dish, but we needed something to offset the taste of the liver. Besides, it was my birthday!

So, yes, you read that right. My birthday dinner (that I cooked) was liver and onions and green bean casserole.

But don't get me wrong. Even though it wasn't a birthday filled with cake and fireworks, it was still wonderful. The most important gifts are something I get to have every day. I would be crazy not to feel very grateful.

Next stop...42! Ugh.


Sally said...

You may not be surprised to hear that my family loves liver and the kids cheer when they find I am cooking it so it sounds like a great birthday dinner to me! We always beg our relatives and friends who hunt to save the liver for us when they kill something.

What is your source of health info? The Weston A. Price foundation is one of the only health promoting groups I've found that recommend liver as a health food. If you've found another one I'd love to know who they are!

Happy Birthday Slook! I'm so glad you had a good day. Your roses are gorgeous!

Tricia said...

Way to go! I have yet to bring on the liver here. Your birthdays sound like ours- Creighton's is just a few days after mine and right before Valentines. It sure would be nice to spread it out a little over the year- we've finally given up going out three times in one week!

btw- I started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle recently, too. I love that it's set in Virginia. I believe I left my heart there...