Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve"

I am already getting really jazzed about attending BYU Education Week in just a few more weeks. The class catalog came a few days ago and I poured over it for a couple of hours trying to decide which lectures I wanted to attend.  There are so many choices!

Education Week is a very inexpensive event that takes place on the Brigham Young University campus August 19-23 of this year.  For about $60 (for the entire week!) you can go to classes on many different subject from 8:30am until 9:30pm.  You have complete freedom to attend an entire series or hop around from one class to another throughout the week. 

These are not college classes.  They are structured to be of interest to people in the middle of their lives.  There are lots of classes on religious topics and church history, because this is a private religious university, but there are many others as well.  There are classes on marriage, parenting, home management, communicating, estate planning, history, music, dance, law, finance, and many others.

As I scoured the catalog and thought about how to best use my time, I thought about how my priorities have changed since the last time I attended, which was about 15 years ago.  At that time I went to a lot of church history and music classes.  Now, as a married woman in my (gulp) 40's, some other ones caught my interest. (Marriage, food storage, finances...but I'm still planning on going to some of the fun ones!)

Although I haven't completely figured out my week, and may not until the last minute, I know it will be a week of learning and growth.  How wonderful that an event like this exists every year.  I can't wait!

This event is open to everyone of all faiths.  It is not too late to register and attend.  Click HERE for all the information.  It is an amazing experience!

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