Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Swear...

 ...I do not like it when people swear.

It's no secret to most people who know me that I really, really don't like offensive language.  Today while waiting for a doctor's appointment, one of the male LVNs was being loud and using the s--- word over and over.  Really?  You can't say "thing" or "stuff?"

And, yes, I mentioned it to the nurse who took me back to the exam room.  Who knows if anything will come of it.  But, wow, it was unprofessional. 

The other day I watched a movie I hadn't seen a long time.  Bad decision. It was one of those I-didn't-really-like-it-at-first-but-I'll-give-it-another-try type movies.  Now I remember what I didn't like about it.  The offensive language peppered throughout. An otherwise decent story was totally ruined.

From movies, to books, to music (I use these terms generously,) it just seems like using certain words is the "in" thing.

Here's my take, and I know I'm not alone.  Using those words does not make you "in" or smart or more adult or part of the group. If you think that, then maybe you need a new group or a redefinition of the word "smart."

Maybe it is the idea that the words are "taboo" that make people want to say them more.  Human nature is to always want what we can't have, right? But at a certain age no one is going to spank us or wash our mouth out with soap for saying these things.  At that point it's called personal responsibility. 

And of course, there are so many politically incorrect words that offend others, yet the old standbys are there for everyone to partake of.  What a great way to bring everyone together.  Not.

We wear the way we express ourselves like our wardrobe.  There are the people who you can always expect to speak eloquently, without resorting to that garbage. Then there are the ones who come with their own personal "bleep" button. 

Seriously, humans.  Let's work on this.

OK, off my soapbox.

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