Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update on the Houses...

OK, so here is what's happening with the houses...all 3 of them!

My house: real estate lady will be here this weekend to take pictures so that she can make up a flyer. My mom (who is on the title) and I will be signing the papers next week to get this baby up for lease.

Eric's house: As I mentioned, there was a single man who wanted to see it on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon we had an offer. Eric signed and faxed his acceptance of the offer on Monday. Today an inspector came and we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything went well. We cannot afford any major delays.

The house we want: Eric and I looked at 3 houses while I was in WA in June. The 2nd house just called out to us. I know it seems fast, but sometimes you just know. It is in a great neighborhood called the Old West Side in Longview (2305 Hudson, to be exact.) After much thought, I just couldn't bring myself to impose a 35 mile commute on Eric if we were to live in Vancouver. Not when there was another option. Our offer on this house was accepted, but now everything hinges on the sale of Eric's house going smoothly. That will start the domino effect of events. We're trying to stay rational and realistic, but we really, really want this house. Check out that crazy roof! It creates a row of skylight all along the back of the house and a high ceiling in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Just one of many cool touches inside.
For our part, we've done all that we can do. And that's the update!

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