Friday, July 30, 2010

A week of busy days...

A few weeks ago I had a simple, but brilliant idea. I printed up calendars of July and August to paste on my kitchen cabinets. I have a calendar that I use regularly, but it is inside a cabinet. And, since my life lately has become " all wedding, all the time," I needed something a lot more visually accessible.

The secret has been my desire to pace myself. Naturally, there are appointments that I have no control over, but I also have had this enormous To Do list, whose time line I do have control over. This has included everything from getting my car serviced, to writing thank you notes for the showers, to creating the seating chart display. Things are spread out and color coded. Eric's work schedule is included, too.

Little did I know how this idea would save my sanity. By pacing myself and telling myself that I only have 2-3 things to get done each day, it has helped me to sleep better and not feel overwhelmed.

The toughest day recently was actually yesterday, when Eric called all upset with a recent setback on the houses. His house's buyer came up with a "honey-do" list of 10 things that need to be completed in order for the sale to go through. The letter was vague and overwhelming. For a few hours it seemed like a domino effect was about to happen and our dreams of the house we want would be crushed. (Happily things are better today. The letter was clarified, and, although the 10 things still exist, getting them done will not be as lengthy or expensive as originally thought.)

By last night, I was very tired and could not fall asleep. It is the only night this entire summer that this has happened. I ended up staying awake until 1am, watching DVDs of Johnny Carson's greatest Tonight Show moments. I was laughing and laughing, all alone and tired, but feeling a lot better.

Here are a few of my favorite clips:

There are so many good ones! Anyway, it was a nice, much needed escape.

Today brought more errands and decisions. We met with the florist for the final time before the big day. I made copies and delivered a flier to 35 of our neighbors informing them that there will be a lot of cars on the street on August 7th, my dog went to the groomer, I spent an hour at the art store picking out colored mat boards to display the reception seating lists, and ....... I picked up my wedding ring--all done--from the jeweler.

I quick word about my ring. Stunning. And I love the idea that it is one-of-a-kind. There are some hidden links to pictures of it, lurking in this post.

Anyway, I was humbled when I opened the box and saw my beautiful solitaire combined with an already gorgeous setting.

And, it must be said, in addition to the calendars on the cabinets and the pretty ring, I also keep my sanity by keeping my eye on the prize. I get to be married to my best friend, the person who knows me better than anyone else. No matter where we live, what I've got on my finger, etc., nothing is more important to me than that.


Karen said...

Kristie, your ring is absolutely stunning! Totally one of a kind and very much YOU! I love it!

As far as that endless to-do list, hang in there! These next few days will fly by, and before you know it, you'll be a Mrs. =)

Kristie said...

Thanks, Slook! I love it too! Alberto, my jeweler, and owner of the Pasadena Gold Company, really outdid himself. And I'm really trying to take one day at a time. The week has already flown, and now we're down to 2 days!