Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Progress...

19 days, my friends! 19 more days and I become Mrs. William Eric Cooley. We are really in the home stretch now!

I honestly have new respect for all of my married friends simply for having to go through planning a wedding. In its own en capsulized way, planning a wedding has a lot of similarities to marriage: sticking with a budget, making decisions, compromises, realizing you cannot control everything, and a wonderful payoff at the end for all of your hard work.

Our wedding is nearly completely planned. I still need to pick up my dress, get my solitaire fitted into the wedding band, have a final meeting with the florist and the DJ and the couple who will be playing live at the ceremony (violin and piano,) and the ever-important seating chart for the reception. I'm expecting a few straggler RSVPs, so I'm going to wait a few more days.

Meanwhile, I've been wrestling with the unemployment office (I still haven't seen a dime,) cleaning out closets and drawers and garage, and working to get my house rented. Sleep is elusive and fitful some nights and deep and dream-filled on others. I still find it amazing that my head hasn't exploded yet.

Today ended a 6-day visit of Eric's to CA. And the next time we see each other in person will be the week before the wedding. Tonight I've been texting my manicurist back and forth trying to get an appointment the afternoon of the rehearsal.

Menus are done, bridesmaids' dresses are picked up, groomsmen are fitted, kids' clothes are bought and ready, hair and makeup lady is booked, photographer is booked, shoes and jewelry are all bought (although I should probably spend more time breaking in my shoes.)

It's a lot!

And, hopefully, we are making progress with housing. Don't want to jinx it, but things are happening. More details as they develop and solidify.

And now I'll leave you with a video of Eric singing. After all, this is how we met...on the MySpace karaoke. I feel so fortunate that on top of being a kind, wonderful, smart, loving man, he also has a beautiful voice that I love to listen to. This afternoon, about half an hour before leaving for the airport, we had some fun with my karaoke machine. He is so good! (Do the full-screen mode. It is so much better.)


Karen said...

It was like you read my mind! I've been thinking about you a lot lately and kept saying, "I need to email Kristie and find out what's going on." So thanks for the post to get me updated. =)

I got tears in my eyes as soon as he said, "I really love you" before he ever started singing the song. I can't tell you how happy I am for you - he's obviously an amazing guy!

Sounds like you're definitely in the throes of the last-minute wedding plans. Good luck and try to enjoy it as much as you can!

Kristie said...

Thanks, Slook. I realized that it had been a while since I'd posted anything. We've just been in the eye of the storm lately, trying to balance all that is happening as it converges on August 7th. Today I've been tracking down people who have not sent in rsvp cards yet because the banquet hall needs an exact number. No cushioning at this place. Still waiting for 3 more responses. And now I'm off to the dentist. Never a dull moment around here! Thanks for checking in!

Kristie said...

P.S. And YES, he is an amazing guy. To be loved like this is such a gift. :-)