Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jonathan...a New Phase

As my mom and I continually discuss what Jonathan and his little family are up against over these next few months, one thing we do agree on is that we have definitely entered a new phase when it comes to his recovery.

The worst is over, but there is still a long road ahead, and even Jonathan agrees that the way he processes information is not 100%. But the fact that he is conscious, has no IVs, is out of ICU and doesn't have a medical person standing by all the time shows that real progress has been made.

I kind of feel like 50% is what we have been dealing with these last 2 and a half weeks and the other 50% is what lies ahead. My ticket back home to WA and my husband and our house and pets is for 1 week from tomorrow. I didn't expect to stay this long (nearly 3 weeks,) but it was a good decision. I know my help here has been needed. I've helped babysit, change more diapers than I care to count, done a lot of laundry, walked my mom's dog, given her moral support and run many errands, on top of visiting Jonathan in the hospital almost daily.

There is a weird feeling in me as I think about returning home in a week. I will probably be leaving before Jonathan is released from the hospital. I'm hoping he will at least be transferred to the rehab floor before I go. That will show another step in his recovery.

The current question that has arisen is whether or not to do a spinal tap, or "lumbar test." The doctors want to use the results as a diagnostic tool, but Jonathan has concerns. It is his body, ultimately it is his decision.

We still have our concerns at this phase. We have concerns about what his state will be when he finally is released. There are things looming ahead that worry us that we try not to think about. If I knew 2 weeks ago what I know now about where he is in his recovery, maybe I would've waited to help during this next phase.

Again, we thank those who have visited, who have put his name on the temple prayer roles, who have sent cards and voiced their support. Thank you. Your support and prayers are still needed for a long time!

Update 4 hours later: After thinking about it for several days, Jonathan has agreed to the lumbar test. I'm really glad.


The Driskill Family said...

I'm so grateful for the progress Jonathan has made!! We will all keep him and his family (and you!) in our thoughts and prayers through the difficult weeks ahead. I'm glad you have been there with them - it sounds like you have been an invaluable help! Keep keeping us posted! :-)

Karen said...

My heart goes out to your family right now. Dealing with so much uncertainty is really hard. For what it's worth, I'm glad he decided to have the test, too. It seems like there are a lot more questions than answers right now, and hopefully the test will yield some info the doctors can use.

Sally said...

I am so glad that things are progressing in a positive direction even if it is slow. I love to hear that Jonathon has progressed enough to have the spunk to even think about refusing a test. Go Jonathon!