Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thinking about church today...

As usual, church was pretty great today. I kept on *almost* getting up to bear my testimony, but everyone else beat me who actually did get up. At one point I even found myself getting emotional during one lady's testimony. I never do that.

Several people who got up are converts to the church. And a lady who is a very recent convert talked about how it feels like many people in her family are suddenly in the grips of darkness and challenges.

Her words got me thinking about when my mom, brother and I joined the church back in 1986. It seemed like everyone around us had an opinion about our decision. A neighbor came and tried to persuade my mom not to go through with joining the Mormon church. The mother of one of my classmates did the same thing. And one of my mom's best friends said her piece too. The biggest challenge was the hurt it caused my grandpa, who had raised his 4 kids Catholic. My grandparents lived around the corner from us and suddenly my grandpa barely said 2 words to my mom for 2-3 years. Thank goodness he finally came around.

But I started to think about the bad dude...Satan. For one so powerful, he sure goes into a tailspin when someone is trying to get closer to God. He panics, and starts injecting his dark influence in the most unlikely, but also the most personal of ways. Up until about an hour before we got baptized it seemed like my mom was having to defend her decision to a friend or family member.

But we did it. And I'm glad we did. As I get wiser in my old age, I realize that, although peopleare flawed, there are some things that are not. And every time we humble ourselves and remember where we come from and what lies in store for us after we die, we get a little closer to greatness.

Satan wouldn't react the way he does unless he feels threatened, and, despite all of the craziness that is happening in the world today, there are a lot of good people and great works happening too. The challenge is to stay focused on what is right and remember that there is a larger, eternal plan at work.

What a comfort to know that!


Sally said...

I did get up to bear my testimony yesterday for the first time in ages. I was the first one up because I knew if I waited then I wouldn't do it. You bore your testimony online at any rate and inspired me. :)

I didn't know about the challenges you guys had getting baptized. You guys are a courageous bunch! My dad (who was also raised Catholic) really hurt his mom when he was baptized. But it's all water under the bridge now.

Kristie said...

Thanks, Sally, for your comment. It is funny how you put away memories like that. I hadn't thought of our baptismal day in years, but it was full of drama. My mom was in tears when we reached the church, but when she saw all of the people there and how much support we DID have, it made for a great evening. We're just lucky that the grandparents realized that family is more important than religious differences.

Karen said...

I'm so glad I can finally see your blog! =) This was a great post. I'm with Sally - I didn't know you guys faced such opposition when you joined the church. Thanks for sharing that story and your testimony!