Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Can Can...

As in.... CAN put up your tree now. CAN start your Christmas shopping (if you haven't already!) CAN play Christmas music (directed at those eager radio stations.) CAN hunt for those great deals (as long as no one gets hurt in the process...)

Straight No Chaser "Christmas Can Can"

But, you SHOULD remember the real reason for the holiday season. As long as we don't lose sight of that, the accompanying stress will be put into perspective.

Tis the season! Let the merriment begin!

P.S. Be sure to pause the music in the player at the bottom of the page before listening to the video.


Karen said...

We have two radio stations here that have been playing Christmas music for weeks now. As much as I love Christmas, I refused to listen to any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. My kids were teasing me, but I held firm to my boycott. =)

Kristie said...

We have one, which is a sister station to the one I used to listen to in CA. They would always start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving....but not this year! I think they started around the middle of November. Good for you for holding firm!