Sunday, November 13, 2011

Willamette Weekend

This weekend was "Willamette Weekend!"

In just 2 days, Eric and 5 of his college buddies...former roommates and teammates...put together a reunion after 20 odd years. I told Eric how jealous I was that they could put something like that together in 2 days. When my college roomies put together a reunion, we started planning a year ahead of time! No fair! LOL

One of Eric's friends had flown in from Hawaii, so he really wanted to make an effort to go.

We kenneled Bailey and started packing! It is about a 100 mile drive down to Salem, OR, but the weather was kind and the fall colors are still out in all their glory. We ended up staying at the same hotel as Willamette's opponent for yesterday's game--Pacific Lutheran University. What are the odds?

On Friday night we met up with his friend, Jeff, and his family. We had a great dinner at this little place called The Wooden Nickel, in Sublimity, Oregon. The food was awesome and Eric's friends were very nice. It was great to finally put the names and faces together.

After dinner we ran over to the local mall to find some rain gear. Layers, layers, layers! This is what I keep hearing. One day I'll catch on.

On Saturday we met up with Eric's friends again, including another family, their friend visiting from Hawaii, and two other friends. 6 guys altogether, laughing and reminiscing.

We had a little BBQ in the stadium parking lot and went to the football game. I'm used to big, huge stadiums, like Edwards at BYU and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Willamette is a much smaller school, so the stadium is a fraction of the size, but it sure makes things easier.

After the game we went and had dinner at The Ram, the local sports bar and hangout. Everyone was super nice, the food was great, and the energy was high as the whole room was watching the Oregon State/Berkeley football game on 6 giant screens.

Then we migrated over to the house in Sublimity again, about 12 miles out of Salem. More reminiscing, Jeff's wife hauled out the old photo albums, and everyone laughed at how old we've gotten, yawing at 7pm and passing around the bottle of Tums at the restaurant.

Good times all around!


Karen said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Guess our group just isn't spontaneous enough. =)

Sally said...

Even the guy from Hawaii arranged it in two days? Or was it arranged because he was coming from Hawaii? Either way, an impressive feat of organization! I'm jealous, too. I want to see my college roommies!

Kristie said...

I think the guy from Hawaii planned ahead a little earlier. LOL I want to see mine too! 2013 maybe? Karen already said that 2012 may not work for them.