Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mail Conspiracy

For whatever reason, Eric and I have had the worst luck with mail and packages lately. The daily set of bills and junk mail appear without fail, but anything extra has been a source of major frustration. Case in point:

1. CA Property Taxes: It is that fun time again, when we get to pay the property taxes on my house in CA. Only glitch? The bill hasn't arrived. When I contacted the CA Property Tax Help Center, they said they mailed it to the house on record, which means my CA house. Maybe the tenants received it. I don't know. I do know we haven't seen it.

2. The EBay Bracelet: After returning a bracelet that wouldn't fit to a seller on eBay, the last 2 weeks have been fraught with dramatic emails from the seller telling me her life story and how putting the bracelet back into the mail was such a hardship for her, despite the fact that she wasn't going to accept my return. I didn't respond, and, after 4 emails that did nothing but make me out to be the bad guy, she finally put the bracelet back into the mail. It has yet to show up.

3. Harry Potter #8 Blu-Ray: In great anticipation of the final Harry Potter movie coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray, I ordered our copy. According to, it was delivered to the doorstep on Friday, shortly after we left for our weekend in Salem, OR. Clearly, someone swiped it. Despite the fact that all they had to do was pop it through the mail slot, neither Amazon nor UPS are taking any responsibility. Thanks, guys.

4. The Mixer: About 3 1/2 weeks ago, Eric ordered a mixer from the local music store for us to use with our karaoke setup downstairs. It was supposed to be here a week later, then was back-ordered (although no one told us this until we went over there,) then promised to be here in another week, and still hasn't arrived.

What is UP??

When I first heard those rumors that the government was thinking about shutting down the US Mail, I was incredulous, but now? Maybe it isn't such a bad idea.


Tricia said...

So bizarre! Good luck getting that all sorted out. It's so hard to believe someone would swipe your package- sheesh!

Kristie said...

It goes back to the phrase I commonly use: "It is so fun to be a grown-up!"

Karen said...

Definitely a string of bad luck with the mail! We had an issue with a couple of missing packages last year and later found out the UPS guy delivered both (separate deliveries) to the house across the street from us by mistake. The only problem was that the house was being rented by someone who didn't care and who simply stuck the packages in the garage. It wasn't until several months later - after they moved out - that the owner found them when he was cleaning the house for the next renter. Oy!

Sally said...

Your eBay seller is cracking me up! We once had family photos sent from JC Penney. We waited, waited, waited, waited. They finally sent new photos. Several months later we found the package in the middle of a small field next to our house. The FedEx guy had apparently just thrown it over the fence into the field instead of trying to locate an exact porch. I hope your mail woes end soon!

Kristie said...

Sally, that's incredible! Happily, a few things have been resolved. The bracelet I bought has arrived and a duplicate property tax statement came too. Eric checked on the mixer and it STILL hadn't shipped, although they promised it shipped Wednesday. I'm afraid we'll never see that blu-ray though. Fortunately that was the least expensive and most easily replaceable item.