Thursday, February 2, 2012

Downton Companion...

One of the fun things about watching Downton Abbey week after week is that, unlike a movie you watch again and again, you never know which way the story is going to turn. But what to do during those 6 days between episodes?

I purchased the companion book and, what a delight! Gorgeous pictures and fun behind-the-scenes tidbits. My favorite parts, though, are the sections that talk about real-life people who lived in those times. The series creator, Julian Fellowes, purposefully chose the 1890-1940 time period (DA begins in 1912) because it was the time when many new inventions were being introduced to society, and because it was when the aristocratic lifestyle was becoming more and more obsolete.

Nothing deep, nothing earth-shattering, but a lot of fun and pretty darn interesting. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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