Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stampin', Stampin'!

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I signed up for a stamping class today, and, boy, was it fun!

About 2 weeks ago I was having a little bit of the blues (totally unjustified blues) and felt like I needed to do something else--something creative, and to meet some new people. I have my church girls, and they're great, but it is good to have different circles of friends. So I thought about things I like to do...I don't want to sew or quilt, since I don't know how and really have no desire to learn (yet...ask me again in a few years,) but I have always enjoyed stamping.

Several years ago I went to a few Stampin' Up parties and bought a few little items here and there. Although it seemed like you had to buy a lot of stuff to make really cute things. One of my friends eventually gave me 2 big boxes of materials, which I got a lot of use out of. But, as usual, Life got in the way and other interests prevailed. Other interests and responsibilities, like my very draining job.

So I went to the Stampin' Up site, nosed around on it, and found a few distributors in the area. One of them had scheduled a class for today. Perfect!

I spent the morning going back and forth between finishing up my Relief Society lesson and watching Whitney Houston's funeral online (interesting...) Then I got ready for my foray in the world of stamping.

After a few wrong turns trying to find the right house, I finally arrived and was greeted by 4 lovely ladies sitting around the kitchen table. They were sweet and welcoming and it was a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Just the kind of thing I was hoping to find.

We spent the next 3 hours getting to know each other, making cards, swapping materials, and noshing on cheese and crackers, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookies. The time flew and it was fun to be creative (and, admittedly, to not have to deal with the mess, because stamping leaves little pieces of paper everywhere.)

If you're interested in seeing these in more detail, click on the pictures to make them larger. =)

2 of today's cards, plus a little box we each made to hold the cards and the envelopes

We made 10 cards, using a kit and working from ready-made examples. A lot of things have changed in the many years since I have done stamping. For one thing, the existence of these kits, which makes even the most uncreative person look pretty darn talented.

This kit was so easy to use! You just pop the pieces out and they are self-sticking.
A great way to make a quick homemade card.

I was grateful for the ease of it, because it has been a tiring week. But, after the first couple of cards, I started to do more of my own variations and take some liberties with the ready-made designs. It is an extremely relaxing hobby that doesn't create a lot of clutter. Plus, you get to give away what you make and know that people are enjoying the fruits of your labors. In this highly digital world, it is nice to get a real card.

3 cards using little decorative brads.
Everything was provided, we just put them together.

The ribbons add more dimension and a nice little "something extra."

So hooray for getting out of my comfort zone! Apparently these make-and-take classes happen every other month, which is just enough. I'm excited to do more! something nice for me so I can give you a homemade Thank You card. *wink*

Ta Da!! All done. =)


MOM said...

Sounds like fun! What an adventurous thing to do, to go to a group of people you don't even know...I admire you...not sure I could, but sounds like it was a success...

Karen said...

How fun! I agree with your mom - not sure I would've been brave enough to go if I didn't know anyone. Look at you! =)

I had to finally set a new year's resolution to be more crafty this year. I love being creative, but it's definitely something that gets easily moved to the bottom of the priority list. I made something for Valentine's Day, and it was so fun. =)