Friday, February 17, 2012

Today Flew By!

After a few days of sleeping terribly (I could blame a certain white cat, but it is my fault for being too indulgent with him and staying up too late,) I finally got a really good night's sleep last night. It felt great! Today was the day I needed it the most.

I'm teaching Relief Society on Sunday and am *maybe* 25% done with my lesson. Usually I am finished a lot earlier. There have just been a lot of obligations this week--all good and fun, but more than usual. I had 10 ladies over last Saturday for food and chatting, we fed the missionaries on Wednesday, yesterday I had singing practice and my book club meeting, and today an old friend from CA joined us for dinner.

Today, especially, has really flown by! I washed linens, cleaned house, my Visiting Teachers planned an impromptu visit, and I tried to work on my lesson. I had every right to look like this:
But, thanks to a good night's sleep, I felt like this:

Although I suspect that I REALLY looked more like this:
Still, I felt like I was able to focus on the task at hand and not get too sidetracked, which I have a tendency to do when I have a long list of things that need to be done.

Ironically, when I did sit down once to spend a few minutes on my lesson, my printer ran out of black ink. Isn't that always the way? So those precious minutes were spent, instead, running to the store for a new cartridge.

The good news is that now the house is clean, today's other tasks are done, and there is nothing to stop me from giving my complete focus to the preparation of my lesson.

And, wanna hear something funny? A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that I needed more to do, so I signed up for a stamping party in the's tomorrow!

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Sally said...

Whew! That's a busy week. Rest always seems so much nicer after a busy time like that because it feels well deserved! I wish I could sit in on one of your RS lessons.