Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Unplanned Adventure...

Recently Eric and I have been giving our computer room a makeover.  First it began by moving his desk to another wall.  Then it was getting rid of my old dresser that he was using for his work clothes and sweats. Next thing you know we were shopping for a new desk for him, then matching desks for us, then waiting for the hutch that he had ordered for his desk to arrive.

Let's stop at the hutch. 

The room had slowly been taking shape and as Eric worked very diligently to put all of this furniture together, when our progress took a detour.  The hutch we had ordered for him (I didn't want one) kept getting delayed.  He and I are alike in that when something is supposed to arrive on time and doesn't, we get a little irritated and start looking at other options.

Our option was (1) wait for the hutch to arrive in 1, 2, or possibly, 3 days late.  Or (2) to cancel the order altogether and find one in a store that we could pick up ourselves.

Despite being on my second week of a nasty bout of bronchitis, it was a beautiful day yesterday that couldn't be wasted.  So after locating a hutch online at a store in Hillsboro, Oregon and calling to confirm that it was physically there, we decided to go on a drive.

It turned into one of those wonderful adventures that no amount of planning can create.  We took back roads through Cornelius Pass to Portland.  The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was alternately sunny and wet.  The mottled sun through the mossy trees made for a lovely drive.  We joked and sang along with the radio (Eric changing all of the song lyrics to match the traffic situation and his excitement about finally getting his hutch.)  It was one of the most enjoyable drives I've ever had.

We arrived in Hillsboro, were in and out of the store with the hutch in about 10 minutes, turned around and arrived home about 3 hours after setting out. 

It was a little magical really.  All because of a hutch.
 Hutch, and no hutch.  Or as we call it, Starsky and Hutch.  (I'm Starsky.)

 The finished product.  What a difference compared to the way the room looked before.


Sally said...

This post almost makes me want to order a hutch even though I have no desk to put it on.

Anonymous said...

Kristie! :) I was looking for a place on here to send you a private message, couldn't find one, so I just wanted to leave you a note to say hello, your old Myspace friend Melissa (Missy)...

I haven't been on myspace in ages, but I remembered your blog, and wanted to come have a look and see how life is treating you! By the looks of your blogs you are happy, and having fun, which is awesome!

I am on Facebook, and would love to reconnect with you, if you want to email me at that would be great!

Hope to hear from you, have a great day, and by the way, as always, I really enjoy your blog!! :)


Kristie said...

Sally, you are so funny. Your comments lately show that you're in top form, smelly toe and all! Eric's off work until next Saturday, so if you order a hutch I'll drive with him to visit you so he can put it together. It will be a good reason to see each other. Can you believe it has already been 3 years since our Slook reunion?? We need to plan another one, stat.

Sally said...

It feels like three years. I miss you guys.