Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home for Easter...

It's been a while, hasn't it?

My 2 weeks in California flew by pretty quickly.  It was great to spend a lot of time with my mom, my niece and nephew and friends from church.  We did have one tragedy during my stay when we learned that one of our former bishops, who was also a neighbor, passed away at only 69.

My mom, niece Angelique and nephew Xander.
She had this taken on her birthday last October

 Aside from that sad news, the trip was pretty good.  I attended my mom's book club (and even read the book, which I didn't really enjoy,) went to 2 FHEs including a fun potluck with yummy food, and saw extended family members at a party my mom hosted at her house. I also got to be with my niece at her toddler music class, which is loads of fun; take both kids to the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena, and take Xander to visit my cute grandma (his great-grandma.)

It has taken me over a year, but the weirdness of visiting what used to be called "home" and seeing the house I still own (and rent out) while staying as a guest at my mom's house across the street has finally dissipated.  Home really is where the heart is, and as I learn more and more about married life, and become closer with my new friends up here in Washington, this is feeling like home more and more. 

I would call Eric each day and we would talk for a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  He had to work long hours and extra days as I played in the sun, but this is the reason we felt like it would be a good time to visit my family.  When the 2 weeks were up, it felt wonderful to see him once again, to be back in our own house, and even doing chores didn't bother me. 

Unfortunately, 2 days after I returned home, I started sneezing and sniffling.  It came on so quickly that I thought it was allergies, but, alas, it was a full-blown cold.  The next 3 days were spent in bed, trying to keep up with the basics around the house, and trying to remember what it felt like to feel good.  When going up and down a small flight of stairs feels like climbing a mountain, that's when you know you are sick!

Yesterday I couldn't stand being stuck at home anymore and Eric had been hinting at a day trip as soon as I was feeling better.  We ended up driving to Vancouver (Washington, not Canada,) having lunch at Olive Garden, and doing some shopping at our nearest Trader Joe's and Best Buy.  I had checked out iPad accessories at the Best Buy in Pasadena, CA and was so, so disappointed in the store's recent changes.  It was a relief to see that the store in Vancouver was still delivering good service.

While at Best Buy, we bought a 2nd Roku player for our house. A Roku player allows you to stream Netflix programs through the TV, and I learned this week that the Mormon Channel (which broadcasts LDS General Conference) and BYU-TV were both available through the Roku.  I was so excited!  Our cable plan doesn't have BYU-TV, so I've always had to watch General Conference on my computer (which is a lot nicer now with an iMac.)  My old Roku player has provided us with a lot of entertainment upstairs, and now it was time to get one for the downstairs, family room TV.  

I finally feel like I'm "plugged in" to all of the Church broadcasts, which is great, and no extra monthly fee.  And, since I was traveling during Saturday's conference session and (she said, ashamed) playing "catch up" during Sunday's, I'm trying to watch the sessions now.  I really enjoyed Pres. Hallstrom's talk from Saturday morning--very powerful.  And I was sad to learn that Sis. Chieko Okazaki had passed away.  She was a gem.

Today Eric is at work and I've been trying not to overdo it too much as I continue to fight the remnants of that nasty cold.  The fact that it has been beautiful outside has made it easy to feel a little better.  Bailey and I took a walk by the lake, and dinner is in the over, filling the house with its yummy aroma.
 Yes, this is the lake at the end of our street.  This picture was not taken today, but the sky looked just like this!  The water was a bit muddier, though. 

Tomorrow, of course, is Easter Sunday, and I've looking forward to seeing my church family after not seeing them for 3 Sundays.  In the spirit of Easter, I'll close with this video, which reminds is that Easter is about celebrating the Savior's life and sacrifice, that we may all live eternally with Him:

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