Sunday, November 25, 2012

Easing into the Season...

After a rainy Thanksgiving week, the sun was shining today!  My big dog wagged his tail happily during a very long walk and I made plans for my day.  The presents are nearly all purchased, but I was still curious to see what the local mall had to offer--I found a lot of inventory and so-so prices.  I never was one of those people who could get into the after-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.  I left empty-handed.

So I decided to switch my focus.  Christmas cards. 

Sending Christmas cards takes work, but I believe it is the perfect way to start the season.  It's easy and it is your basic assembly-line activity.  Today I found the cards I wanted to send, along with some matching stationary for the annual Christmas update letter.  I had a little glitch in that I cannot open my computer files with last year's Christmas card list, so part of this evening was spent creating a new one.  I found the list changed as Life has put new friends in my path these last few years. 

Christmas cards encompass what the season is about--thinking of others and reaching out to those we care about.  My list is comprised of family, school friends, church families, college roommates, former co-workers, and local friends.  Each of them has played a role in Life's chapters and each of them is important. They all mean so much to me. 

Little gifts from the heart, they are.  The best kinds of gifts.

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Sally said...

I got your card and letter. Thank you so much! I love hearing from my slooks.