Monday, December 17, 2012

Prayers for Newtown...

I have already commented on Friday's tragedy several times on my other blog, but my heart remains heavy as pictures of the little victims have started to be released.

As predicted, the issue of gun control has already arisen.  I heard another person say they think that the school should be demolished and a memorial put in its place.  (I do not agree with that idea at all.)  Others have talked about turning off Christmas lights and putting away decorations in the wake of what happened because celebrating seems so inappropriate.

To me, most of these ideas give power to the gunman and to Fear, which is not what we want to do.  Focus on the identities of the victims and their families, yes.  Don't watch too much news footage or give status (however negative) to the the gunman's name, also yes.

We continue to attempt to make sense of the senseless. We look for reasons why these things occur and why innocent lives were taken too soon.  We don't like accepting that horrible random things just happen to those who don't deserve it.  

I am trying to keep it simple.  No more news, a healing heart, and moving forward.  Thank goodness that I have that luxury. 

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