Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Road Signs of Life...

There is something I heard the other day that was so profound, I cannot stop thinking about it.  What is even more amazing is that this concept was created and explained by a young child.
It was at church on Sunday, where we were having our monthly testimony meeting.  It is a chance for anyone to go up to the podium and share a spiritual experience and their feelings about the Lord's role in their life.  As the time was coming to a close, the son of some friends (age 8 or 9) took a turn.  And this is what he said:

I think of us as cars on a road.  There are all of these signs pointing us in the right direction and telling us what we need to do.  That is the Gospel.  And there are all of these ditches and cracks in the road trying to throw us off.  That is the Adversary.  And if we just follow the signs and directions and watch out for the ditches and cracks, we'll find our way back to our Heavenly Father.

Is that not one of the best explanations for living a good life you've ever heard?  I was awestruck at this child's wisdom.  His mother was sitting right in front of me and I asked her where he had heard this.  She didn't know.  His sincerity and earnestness seemed to indicate that it was something he had thought of himself.

I have been thinking about it for the last two days in relation to decisions I have made in my life.  I can, happily, say that I have not made any really bad life-altering choices.  But there are times in my life where I have been stubborn or prideful and there have been consequences.  There were signs pointing in the right direction which I chose not to follow and this particular car hit a few ditches instead.

Looking back, I cannot really see myself doing anything differently.  The person I am today is a culmination of all my experiences.  But I can think of times in my life when I could have been happier, more productive, and more selfless.  If I have any regrets, it is knowing that those moments are gone and cannot be undone.

Fortunately, the road is far from over.  I would like to think that age and experience is bringing clarity as those situations may present themselves again.  Next time I will pay better attention to the signs along the way.

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Karen said...

And a little child shall lead them, right? Great thoughts!