Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Remembering the Grandparents...

Today my mom sent me the picture above, of my niece and nephew on either side of my grandparents' grave.  The email subject was "remembering the Titos," because we called them Tito and Tita.  They both passed away in 2008.  My grandpa in March at age 97 and my grandma in July at age 90.  They had been married 66 years.

In another blog post on my other site I wrote an entry called The Blessings of Family.  And it is true, family is such a blessing.  At least mine is. 

I love that my mom takes my niece and nephew to visit their great-grandparents at the cemetery, that she talks of them often and makes them come alive in their world. My nephew only met my grandpa the day before he passed away, and my niece never had a chance to meet them.  But knowing the sensitivity of children and the huge presence that my grandparents were in our lives, visiting their grave site isn't creepy or morbid for us. It is just the best we can do for now until we are all together again. 

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