Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Blog...the big 4-2

Another year passed.  Call me childish and immature, but even at this age I still like having a fuss made over me on my birthday. 

Today was a lovely one. 

Thanks to a dog with potty issues half the night, I was awake bright and early as Eric left for work.  A beautiful card with loving sentiment inside awaited me. 

The next few hours were spent fruitlessly trying to go back to sleep.  It wasn't to be. 

After prepping some pepper steak for Eric's dinner tonight I got ready for my birthday lunch, attended by 4 lovely ladies from church.  Even the snarky waitress couldn't spoil the fun.  I had a chicken chef salad...dark meat!  It's almost as if they knew.  I received a beautiful yellow tulip, a gift certificate, and some Wild Orange essential oil.  Mmmm. Plus some gorgeous cards with loving words from friends inside.

After lunch I scrambled to run errands and walk the dog before leaving to help with the set-up at our Relief Society Anniversary dinner.  The time flew, I helped with the meal, and still had time to eat nd enjoy the program.  After being involved in the planning, it was thrilling to see the night go off without a hitch and to see everyone have a good time.  Another good friend presented me with a sweet basket filled with lavender-scented items and a lovely card.

I was able to spend a short time in the evening with my hubby upon arriving home.  He makes me so very grateful for the life we lead together. 

As another birthday comes to a close I thank the many who made today special.  Cards and phone calls from friends and family, a fun lunch, countless Facebook birthday greetings...(If you want to feel loved on your birthday, go to Facebook.)  As an extra treat, the sun was shining brightly and the day was gorgeous.

I am truly content, not wanting to take any of these things for granted.  Thank you, Heavenly Father for another year, my husband, family, friends, and this life I enjoy.


Sally said...

I want to come to your house for my birthday! I'm glad you had a grat day, Slook.

Kristie said...

Mi casa es su casa, Slook! You are welcome to visit ANYTIME. ;-)