Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Polka Dot Creations...The Creativity Never Ends!

This week I was visited by new Visiting Teachers and I learned about a new website.

Sidebar for those who do not know what Visiting Teaching is: in the LDS (Mormon) church the ladies are paired up and assigned to visit a small number of other ladies once a month (about 3-4.)  The Church provides a message for us to share when we go visiting and we are encouraged to think of the ladies we visit as a stewardship, but to get to know them and love them.  We should know their needs, if they're sick or having problems, and they should know that they can call on their Visiting Teachers at any time.  Each man is assigned a group of families to visit, and his responsibilities to them are the same.  That is called Home Teaching.  These are amazing programs because it means that if you ever need something, you know you can call on your Visiting or Home Teachers.  No one is forgotten.  Isn't that wonderful?

Well, when my new Visiting Teachers arrived this week I was given a mini loaf of homemade bread and a cute little card with the month's spiritual thought.  Anything cute and creative on the computer immediately catches my eye (since I have no plans to make homemade bread.) After a lovely visit with my company, I went to the website where the card came from and was so impressed.  Pink Polka Dot Creations. (The name is the link.)

Pink Polka Dot Creations

Aside from the monthly printables for Visiting Teachers to use, there are recipes, crafts, ideas for making your own household items, and many other unique and very doable ideas.  I am just amazed at the level and variety of creativity exhibited by Rita, the lady who runs the site.  Whenever she posts a new printable or craft she is already talking about the next one.  And the best part?  She shares all of her incredible ideas with the rest of us who are a little slower on the uptake.  Yes, one day I'll jump onto the digital scrapbooking bandwagon..or not.

Here's an example of her gorgeous Visiting Teaching handouts.  All credits to Rita at

Aren't those beautiful?  For $2.99 I bought a 25 pack of cardstock, plus some scalloped crafting scissors and, voila, my VT companion and I are all set for our March visits.  (You are welcome to use the March message I have posted here, but I will not be doing this on a monthly basis. But rest assured, her site is very user-friendly.)
Yay!  I love discovering new sites, new ideas, and new ways to be creative!

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