Sunday, August 10, 2014

23 Hours in Woodland

The great thing about having an RV, especially a small and simple one like ours, is that you can pack up fast and get away for a quick overnight.  That is what we did last night, back to our favorite park 20 miles away in Woodland on the Columbia River.

The only thing that detracted from the enjoyment was the wind. was non-stop windy.  Whooshing windy noises all night outside too.  I ended up taking cover yesterday afternoon to read my Kindle in an area near the office, instead of setting my chair up in the sunshine.  I also had to buy some eye drops because my poor eyes were so worn out from the wind.

But we had a fun time--we went to Casa Tapatia and had an incredible lunch, relaxed at the RV park reading and listening to the iPod, and watched a movie on Eric's laptop last night. (The Island...good story! Adventure for all.)

I will say that I felt a little off my game when it came to taking pictures, but I attribute that to the fact that it was our 4th time there. It's hard to make things to look different after 4 times!

Anyway, here goes.  Click on them to see full-sized version... was in heaven with my Xango dessert at lunch yesterday. See how we rough it? Out there camping in Nature?

View of our row from the river.  Can you see our little Chalet? (Right behind the play area.)

River view from Space #1

Bringing 2 cars may be cheating, but it sure is convenient!
Hi, Sweetie!

This trip's artistic shot

Big boat a-coming down the river

This Class A Prevost RV was enormous!

But the winner was this touring bus that was towing a trailor as long as the bus.
Lovely view this morning. Still very windy, but pretty.

 A change of scenery, even if for less than a day, is good for the soul.

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