Sunday, August 3, 2014

Photos of Our RV Trip to Gig Harbor! Lots and lots of photos...

If I don't post pictures pretty much immediately, I'll get behind, so here goes!

Nearly 2 weeks ago Eric and I took our Winnebago Chalet to Gig Harbor for 3 nights/4 days.  It is the farthest we've gone with it, and we had the added challenge of not having a get-around vehicle once the Chalet was hooked up.  We are working to remedy that in the future--Eric's Vespa is getting fixed up to take next time.

The RV park there is hilly, forest-y, and near a noisy gun range, but we still had a fun time!  The harbor itself is beautiful.  A lot of walking was involved, but it was probably a good thing because we ate like little piggly wigglies!

The highlight was being able to reconnect with old friends from California.  Jeni and Del, who owned the house for many years next door to where I grew up, and Nancy B., who is a former teaching colleague, live in the area.  Eric and I had plans with Jeni & Del ahead of time, but running into Nancy on my walk was a complete surprise!

It was one more adventure, one more learning experience, and more confirmation of how much we are enjoying our little rig.

To see the photos full-sized, click on them.

Beautiful view of the harbor on our first night. A 10 minute walk from the RV park.

There we are, all nestled in for 2 nights.  The 3rd night we had to move to a different space.  The park was very full, but pretty quiet, considering. Everyone we met was very nice.

You have to try pretty hard to get a bad picture of the harbor.  It's a beautiful, peaceful place.

A cute, older house in the middle of town.

View from the private dock at Tide's Tavern, where we ate lunch on Thursday.  Looks like part of a finger made it into this photo!

Me on the ramp leading to the dock.  Tide's Tavern's outdoor patio is behind me.  Once upon a time the building was the town's general store.  After years of falling into disrepair it was refurbished in 1973.  The food is extremely delicious, reasonably priced, and they have fast service. A win/win/win!

There are some impressive houses across the harbor. Very impressive!

A monument to those lost at sea stands in the middle of town. There are 9 names on it. One is fairly new.

Another pretty view.

Anthony's Restaurant, where Del & Jeni took us to dinner on Friday night.

Two more pretty harbor views, taken on Friday's morning walk.

A backwater area that was surprisingly attractive.

Up a hill in a residential area was this really cool barn. Picture!

A mama deer and 2 babies were spotted on my walk too. The other baby was hopping around someone's front yard.

She was so tame and beautiful.

No zoom lens necessary.

On my return, walking right towards me, was my former colleague, Nancy!  What are the odds?

Meanwhile, back at the RV park, these were some of our intimidating neighbors. This red one was sporty!

Dinner!  Eric's Salmon Tacos at Anthony's

My Shrimp Cobb Salad.  Very yummy!

Reunited after 15 years! Del, Jeni, me, and Eric. They were thrilled to meet him and I was happy he had such a fun evening. We wore the perfect outfits for this picture!

Lookout at the end of the harbor, where Jeni and Del took us after dinner.  Yes, that is a private yacht.

A new favorite photo of Eric and me. 

Next we went to a shady trail and Jeni took this picture of us.  Another new favorite!

Del, me and Eric

There was definitely some dramatic lighting there. 

Back at their house, this is one of Del's gorgeous creations.

Their pretty deck with views of the harbor.  Love the geraniums!

Jeni and Del had this painting outside their CA art studio too.

Eric and their dog, Spotz.

Inside, Eric worked on one of Del's homemade wooden puzzles.

Jeni and Spotz, with some of their eclectic artwork. I used to house-sit for them many years ago and always loved the artwork they had around their house.

Solved it! What a fun night!

The next morning--our last one--on my walk. I really like the way this photo turned out. I take all my pictures on the iPhone 5S and then edit them on iPhoto at home. I do not own a fancy camera.

Mama deer was relaxing in a different yard.  No babies in sight this time.

Home!  After being cooped up indoors for 4 days, Ramius (white, 5 yrs old) and Darcy (brown, 18 yrs old) were really happy to go outside. (I know, we have the most attractive backyard ever.) 

We are finding that the more we take the Chalet out, the more we want to take it out!  RVing is really a singular experience, no matter where you go.  It requires a lot of cooperation and a fair amount of preparation.  You definitely have to LIKE  the person you're traveling with.  And if you love them, that's even better. Fortunately, we do.

More pictures to follow on another post of our MOST recent adventure. 24 hours of fun.

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