Monday, August 4, 2014

Pictures of the Party at Porter's Patches...

Say that 5 times fast!

Last Saturday we took the Chalet out again!  It was only 24 hours, but it was a milestone trip for us since it was the first time we did not use hookups.  Power and water were both dependent on our generator, propane tank and fresh water tank.  It was the perfect opportunity to see what the Chalet could do in a boondock situation and it passed with flying colors.  We also packed in record time,  forgetting only one thing--a hand towel for the bathroom.  Paper towels quickly solved that problem.

Little by little we are getting better at this!

It was also the first time we have camped on someone's expansive property (perfect for a first time boondock.)  Porter's Patches belongs to Eric's friend, Steve's, dad.  The land has been in the family for generations, and owned by others for just a few years.  A cute log cabin house is the main living space, but there are also 3 guest houses, several greenhouses, a chicken coop, a Christmas tree farm, and a log gazebo that make this property very charming and very personal.

We visited with Steve, his wife, Kristie, and their family.  Eric and Steve's friend, Roger, was visiting his family in the area and dropped by to introduce us to his new fiancee.  Eric, Steve, and Roger have all been friends since their early teens. Extended family and friends came and went throughout the day.  Some stayed overnight in campers, in tents, a guesthouse, and even under the stars.  We noshed on guilt-ridden, yummy foods and had a very fun and relaxing time late into the evening. 

Pictures!  Click on them to see them full-sized.

All set in our shady little spot!  The big ice chest we recently bought has come in very handy for carting water and perishables. The fridge works great, but it helps to have a backup plan.

Tossing the football

Everyone relaxing

A fire burned in the gazebo's fire pit and there were BBQed hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. 

Eric, Jane (Steve's sister,) and Steve

A lot of people brought dogs, but Tigger II lives there.  A very nice, mellow dog who loves eating people's leftovers.

Eric and me.

Mr. Mike Porter, Roger, Eric, & Steve

Trina & Roger, newly engaged and moving to Singapore for 3 years

Roger, Steve, and Eric

Porter's Patches at twilight

Next morning!  (We slept like rocks!) Eric is showing Kristie P. and her little son how we make our breakfast shakes in the Nutribullet.

Both little boys, ages 5 & 3, were mesmerized by our "house on wheels."

Yikes!  What did you just make me drink?! It tastes weird and gave me a purple mustache!

We love our Chalet!  (Yes, we pronounce the "t")  "Sha-lett."

Across the field, looking at the main house and many outbuildings.

Steve, Otis Murphy (the doggie,) and Eric

The greenhouses and vegetable garden behind the main house. I tried to walk around the property and get steps in, but I wasn't very successful. Too many picture opportunities!

The Christmas tree farm.

The VERY loooong driveway.  Our Chalet off to the right. This is one of my favorite scenic pictures.

Passing the morning gathering on the way to the covered bridge.

"Porter's Patches, established 1894."

View of the Chalet from the bridge.

How many people have a pumpkin patch in their front yard?

Mommy and son, enjoying the morning country air.

Sometimes you just have to sit in a field in your shark-shaped helmet and ponder Life.

Two miniature horses live in the field next door.

Visiting by the main house before heading back home.

Unpacking was as easy as packing because it was only a one-nighter.  We arrived home refreshed from the change of scenery and grateful to have spent time in the countryside with friends.

And yes, we already have our next trip planned. 

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