Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I haven't been a very good blogger lately!

What can I say? Things have been busy.

At school I'm just trying to get through each day and not think about impending layoffs. It's all I can do until the district decides how they're going to deal with their huge budget cuts. I go to work, try to stay positive and do my job.

On the home front, my late grandma's only surviving sister had a stroke about 2 weeks ago. It is very similar to my grandma's first stroke and, although, she seems to be recovering, the progress is slow. We're all hoping that it isn't the precursor to something more serious in the future. Again--trying to stay positive!

And, back to school news, tomorrow is an event that many of the teachers, including myself, don't like too much. It is a patriotic parade aimed at linking to the community. All with good intentions, of course, but I operate under the policy that anything that takes me and the kids out of the classroom is...well...annoying! Plus it is LOUD, CROWDED, and BUSY--3 of my least favorite things. We have to do a banner. Most teachers reuse the same banner year to year. I don't know why I haven't done that. This year's theme is "Yes We Can!" I had my kids print up pictures of famous people who have accomplished a lot, they colored them nice and bright, we glued them onto construction paper and taped them onto their rulers. On the banner I wrote "Yes, They Did!" in big red letters.

The kids like the parade, but it is one of those big hulabaloos that I'll be grateful when it's over!

That's the news!

But 2 recent songs I recorded. Have a listen. Click on the song titles to hear them:




Karen said...

Even at your worst, you're still a much better/more frequent blogger than I am! =)

Sally said...

You know, there is a word in Chinese that essentially means "Loud, Crowded and Busy". It's Re Nau. The funny thing is that the term in Chinese is very positive since Chinese people generally love huge packed crowds with lots of noise and many things going on. Where Americans would say "Ugh! the market was so loud, crowded and busy!" The Chinese would say "Wow! The market was so Re Nau!!" There's your Chinese lesson for the day.