Monday, February 16, 2009

Paintings, Singing, and Facebooking...

It has been an eventful last few days...

Things are looking more positive on the job front and I'm really hoping and praying that everything works out OK. There is a very good possibility that my job will be secure. Thank goodness. There are so many people out of work right now.

It's also been raining cats and dogs in So. CA lately! We're in the middle of our second storm system, and I think another is headed in our direction by the end of the week. Rainy days at school--fun! At least it should be dry by this Friday when I've got tickets for Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages. Can't wait!

And we're still working on cleaning out the grandparents' house. It's a slow process, but we're all getting better at it. The main thing is to be fair, methodical, and respectful, and my family. An ongoing thing has been to pick paintings done by my grandma. There are about 31. We decided to take pictures of them, post the link on Photobucket, and take turns--by age--down the line of kids and grandkids. I'm the oldest grandkid and #5 in line and yesterday I got to take my turn. This is the one I picked:

Isn't it pretty? I've always liked this one a lot, and even more so now that we found my grandma's sketch book and she had labeled the 3 girls as my 2 cousins and me. Very special. It is now hanging in my bedroom.

And can I just say how much fun I've been having on Facebook lately? What a great place to keep in touch with people! My "friends list" now includes, family, friends, co-workers, college roommates, high school/middle school/elementary school friends, and a couple of close friends that I've met online. 99% are people from 3-dimensional world, many of whom are scattered around the country. It is a really fun site to pop into and chat or leave little messages.

Speaking of roommates, I'm very excited that a reunion is really in the works for this summer. Everyone has been tracked down and everyone wants to go--7 of us total. And, because it will be in Utah, there are at least 4 other friends to visit along the way. I am really, reall looking forward to it.

And, of course, I've been adding more song recordings, which anyone reading this is welcome to visit. I'm very happy with the Celine Dion song I did yesterday (after 2 hours laboring through take after take after take...)

Here's a sample of some recent ones. Click on the song titles to go to the site and refresh as necessary.




There are a couple of others, but, you is all in fun!

At that's the news (and weather) for what's going on around here. I'm still fighting a cold and sore throat (currently on Day 8,) but I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been taking great care of myself. Word of advice? Sleep is important in getting rid of a cold. :-)

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