Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The holidays are upon us...

Amazing, it's almost Thanksgiving! How did that happen? I think it feels extra strange because I completely missed Halloween (being down for the count with the flu that day.)

Today is my first of FIVE...DAYS...OFF. Lovely! I've decided to use the next few days to transition the house into a Christmas house. One day of indoor decorations. One day of outside lights, and one day to do the tree. They don't all take one whole day, but I want to pace myself. Last year I did everything in one day and was exhausted. And now I've got the time and don't plan on hitting the stores on Black Friday.

Actually, my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving ON Friday so that some of my cousins can attend who have to work tomorrow. The more the merrier. We'll be at my aunt and uncle's house this year.

Other than this current vacation, life is just rolling along. My mom is enjoying some new appliances, my brother and his family are enjoying living in their very own house, and I have a special visitor coming at the end of December. As my mom put it, "It seems like we're all at a crossroads right now." Perhaps that's true, but change is good. Sometimes you have to shake things up a little.

The other day I was listening to some of my CDs that I hadn't heard in a while. I have 3 by New Zealand teen singer Hayley Westenra, who sometimes sings with the Celtic Woman group. I love this particular song. It's a good one for this season. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have so much to be thankful for.

P.S. I am feeling A LOT better after that nasty flu. Believe me when I tell you that nearly a month later, I'm still not 100%. There's a cough that's been hanging on for a while, but I do not have pneumonia (got a chest x-ray) and at least I can go back to work. I used 9/10 of my sick days already!)

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