Saturday, November 28, 2009

I hope I don't regret my decision!

After months of feeling frustrated with my 2nd-hand washer and dryer (bought for $30 each at a moving sale 4.5 years ago when I was moving into my house,) I bought a new washer and dryer set today. My current dryer (a GE) oftentimes leaves the clothes damp after 45 minutes of "drying," and my current washer (a Maytag) frequently dances across the room after being "repaired" twice to deal with its constant balance issues.

Here are the ones I purchased:
Lowe's is having a really good deal on this Whirlpool set. The washer is the WTW6340WW and the dryer is the WGD6200SW. They're really pretty and kind of a happy medium between those really fancy front-loading machines that are the big thing nowadays and the older, traditional style with the dials.

The set is currently on back order and probably won't be in for about 2 weeks. I'm actually kind of glad, because it will give me a chance to change my mind if necessary. I am a little freaked though, because I came home and read the reviews for them online at different sites. People all like the dryer just fine, but the washer has not been getting good reviews. Some people say they have had leaks and some say it has ripped their clothes. OY... Now, granted, I'm just a household of 1 person, not a big family with huge volumes of laundry, but, still, when you buy new stuff you want it to work.

AND...the machines I bought have only been on the market for 3 months, so I think that the reviews I'm read are for some older models. Yes, this is me, trying to be optimistic. So, I'm a little bit disheartened by some of the things I read, but still thinking that I need to see for myself. No matter what, things like this are always a big decision and a lot of times you just don't know until the appliances are in your house and adjusting to the way you use them.

Keeping my fingers crossed. But, they're still pretty!


TheMeaningOfLife said...

I'm thinking a about buying the same pair for pretty much the same reasons (tired of used appliances that don't dry or wash consistently). I'll probably do it, but like you - i've read reviews that make me question not just these - but ALL appliances these days. I think that's the thing to keep in mind. The more complex our appliances get, the greater potential to have problems. I think people are simply not as happy with the new more complex appliances because they aren't "old reliable" that Mom and Dad used to buy and use for 20 years. It's a sign of the appliance apocalypse - cheaper materials and planned obsolescence is the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of buying the same set - now that you've had it for a while, what do you think of it? Please email me at

Kristie said...

I have now had my washer and dryer for several months. I very satisfied with them. They do the basics, but they do a good job at them. I have really gotten spoiled having the timer count down how much time is left on the cycles and the beeper is loud, which I like, so I know when to change loads. I would say that my only complaint is there is no way to repeat JUST the wash cycle, when you want to give your clothes an extra scrub. Other than that, they are very good, and pretty too!