Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And MORE wedding photos!

Hello all. Yesterday I received an envelope of pictures that my Aunt Gloria took at our wedding. I scanned them all into my computer to keep. Here are few favorites: (IF YOU CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TWICE, YOU'LL SEE THEM FULL SIZED.)

My mom's backyard. Last summer she had it totally redone, built the gazebo, sod throughout the yard, and she propagated a bunch of my late grandma's rose bushes into her yard. Little did she know that we would be using it for my wedding a year later. The flowers were just bursting. It was perfect!

My brother, Jonathan, walking my mom down the aisle. Eric and his mom are in the background waiting for their turn. My cousin, Ari, one of our ushers, is to the right of my mom.

I love this picture of Steve, our best man and Eric's lifelong friend, and Laura, my cousin and maid of honor, as they walk down the aisle. The lighting, the colors, their expressions--this is a great picture.

My Uncle Beto walking me down the aisle. As I mentioned before, he was really a trooper that day. He took his role very seriously, knowing that he was taking the place of my grandpa. He also detailed my grandparents' Cadillac and chauffeured Eric and me all over town. At the end of the night he gave us an envelope with a generous gift, that we were able to use for spending money throughout our honeymoon.

My bridesmaids, Kristie P. (Steve's wife,) my cousins Monica, and Laura, looked absolutely beautiful in their dark purple gowns. Monica did everyone's makeup. Laura did everyone's hair. Kristie P. was on the floor in my sunroom before the ceremony painting Cassidy's nails and Laura fixed her hair beautifully. We had a very fun time at my house during the 3 hours we were all getting ready. The sound of my girls chatting, laughing, munching on the goodies I bought them, was very comforting and fun.

Eric was very emotional during the ceremony. I just couldn't stop smiling. We held hands the whole time. I jumped in with "I will" during the vows a little early and everyone laughed. After we kissed, we brought the marriage certificate out on a little table and our witnesses, Laura and Steve, and the Bishop signed it in front of everyone.

My Aunt Gloria, who took this set of pictures and sent them to me, and my Grandma Elinor. Gloria is my dad's first cousin. She and my uncle are so nice! We don't get to see them very often, so we were very grateful they attended the wedding.

Gloria's picture of my grandma as she was getting her photo taken in Cliques Photo Booth. My cousin, Dov, owns this business. Originally, I had asked him to be our wedding photographer. He agreed, then backed out because he had never photographed a wedding professionally before. So instead, he offered us his photo booth free of charge for the night, which became our wedding favors and the big hit of the evening. He also recommended his good friend, Nick Charrow, who he had gone to school with, for our wedding photographer. The arrangement turned out to be perfect. Everyone loved the photo booth and Nick's pictures are amazing.

Our head table. We also got lucky on a florist. The lady that manages the restaurant where we had the reception had recently gotten married and she recommended a great florist in Pasadena, name Matt Duran, who owns The Flower Garden. His designs were great, and they cost only about half of what we expected to pay for flowers. I love the way he wraps the bottom of the centerpieces in thick, matching bows.

I love this picture of my mom and me. Both of us labored over our dresses for the day. Finding a sleeved wedding dress in Southern CA is a near-impossible task. My mom and I found her dress at Drapers & Damons in Pasadena. We walked in and there it was, in my wedding colors and everything! It was a no-brainer! And she looked great in it.

Thanks for enjoying another round of photos! Today's agenda includes picking up a very neglected house because a potential renter will be looking at it tomorrow. I also need to go and price dishwashers. Several potential renters have commented on my house not having one, and if that is going to be the one thing that stands between my house getting rented soon or a few months from now, I'll do what I have to do and put one in. I have got to get someone to rent my house. It's essential!


Tricia said...

I'm SO enjoying seeing all these wedding pictures, Slistie. You had an amazing photographer!

Sally said...

More gorgeous photos! Yay!

Kristie said...

The pictures are so much faun to look at. The day was beautiful, but a blur in so many ways. Today the package from the photographer came in the mail--4 DVDs full of pictures! Around 2800, half in color, half in B&W. We have to choose the top 50 for an album he'll be making for us. That will be tough!

Karen said...

I was happy to see there were more pics this morning, too. I wish I could've been there, but at least I can enjoy it thru the pics. =)

And your mom's backyard looked beautiful! Your photographer mentions on his blog how he thought it looked just like an expensive venue, and I agree. It was a beautiful place for the ceremony.