Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The trials and tribulations of Angelique

My little niece, Angelique, turned 4 months old on August 22. Isn't she cute? And she is the most good-natured baby I've ever seen. She is always happy and observant, much like her brother, Alexander, was at her age. Sibling jealousy has been minimal and Alexander has done really well adjusting to his new role of big brother.

Unfortunately, after being on maternity leave for several months, my sister-in-law, Quyen (pronounced "Quinn,) had to go back to work on August 9. Angelique has been a champion breast feeder since she was born, but has refused to take the bottle. The poor thing has even cried herself hoarse when my mom and brother have tried to feed her using bottles, cups, sippy cups, etc. The past week has been especially challenging.

This morning we received an email from my brother saying that they made a break-through yesterday. He had the day off and spent the entire day (one of many) working with Angelique to take the bottle or sippy cup. Alexander spent the day with my mom. Finally, at night, Angelique started to drink from the bottle. Let's hope it continues!


Sally said...

Poor little Angelique! Your mom and brother must have been beside themselves. And she is super adorable. Those rolls and gums...I love them!

When I got onto your blog Grant was passing by and saw your header picture and Angelique below it and said, "What! They have a baby already!"

Kristie said...

Ha! Ha! No, no!! That's still down the road for us. One thing at a time!!

Karen said...

I'm thinking your post could also be titled "The trials and tribulations of Queyen and Jonathan!" =) That is a miserable thing to have a hungry child who won't eat. To call it stressful is an understatement. Here's hoping the worst is behind them.

And I agree with Sally - she is sooo cute!