Saturday, August 21, 2010

Greetings from the new married lady!

Hello to my little group of faithful readers. Eric and I returned home from our honeymoon on Tuesday and celebrate our 2 week anniversary today. These last 2 weeks have been an absolute blur!

It's a little anti-climactic, but Eric had to fly back to WA on Thursday so he could return to work today, finalize the sale and purchase of his house and our new house, and move. He has to be out by 9pm on Wednesday while working 12 hour shifts these next 4 days. I'll start packing my house in a few days after a little break.

Naturally I cannot go into every little detail of our wedding day because there is just too much, but I will say that it was beautiful. The glitches, which every wedding can expect, were very minor (lost flower girl basket, ring bearer running off down the aisle.) Overall the day was perfect.

Here are a few pictures that our wedding photographer, Nick, posted on his website's blog. These are the only ones I've seen, and I'm already thrilled that my cousin, Dov, recommended Nick to us. His ideas are so imaginative and I love the way his pictures come out. He did our engagement photos too. You can visit the pictures, along with some of his comments about the day, HERE.

We also had my cousin, Dov, running his Cliques Photo Booth. You can click on the link to see all of the pictures taken that night, but here are a few of my favorites:
Our first picture with the whole family:
(l-r) Quyen, Angelique, Eric, Mom, me, Alexander, Jonathan

Eric and me with his parents, Bob and Sparkle

My mom and her siblings.
(l-r) Ruben, Irene, Mom Lucie, and Gilbert

My sweet, 92-year-old Grandma Elinor, who was the first in the photo booth and opted to use some of the props too. What a great sport! I was so glad that she could be there.

Eric and me with Amy and Bishop Besaw, who officiated at our ceremony and said some beautiful words with lots of clever musical references.

Me and my friend, Gail, who I met at BYU on the first day I moved in back in 1989. I knew it was a long-shot to invite my out-of-state BYU friends, so I was very touched that Gail arranged to leave her 6 kids behind and make the trip from Utah to Southern California. It was great to see her!

Eric and me with his best friends, the Porters. Steve was his best man and Kristie was one of my bridesmaids. They are so great. You meet them once and feel like you've known them forever! We were so glad they could be a part of our special day!

The Porters and the Bunches. Brady was Eric's groomsman. Julie was a great help watching Henry during the ceremony and reception

The Prestons...Cousins Monica and Laura were my bridesmaids, Cassidy was our flower girl, Christina was our "coordinator and runner for the day," and Robby (top left) was our emcee during the reception. (top row: Robby, Irene, Christina, Monica, Mike, Laura. bottom row: Cassidy, Bill)

Eric and me with my friends, Tracey and Bobby. We always go out to eat, see musicals, and go to Disneyland together.

There are tons of other pictures, of course, that I look forward to posting, but this will do for now. I loved our wedding day and am so thankful to everyone who made it beautiful!


Karen said...

I saw you'd commented on my blog and wondered if you were back! =) I love the wedding pictures, Kristie, and I agree with you on your photographer - he did an amazing job. My favorites are always the non-posed, candid shots that capture everyone's personalities. Can't wait to see more! So glad to hear your big day was wonderful!!

Kristie said...

Thanks, Karen! I'll be getting a CD soon with the entire collection of wedding pictures. I'll post some more asap!

Christopher Bradford (Grasshopper) said...

Huge congratulations! I'm very happy for you. :-)

Kristie said...

Thanks, Chris! I'm glad you stopped by. Hope all is going well with you and your family! =)