Sunday, September 6, 2009

A busy fun day on Saturday...

Yesterday was a GREAT day from start to finish. The morning was spent taking my nephew out to see his great-grandma again. She was thrilled, as you can imagine.

During the visit with my grandma, Xander got to interact with my stepsister's baby, Jackson. My stepsister, Amy, tragically passed away last October, when Jackson was only 6 months old, of a sudden stroke at age 38. We were so happy with the way Xander was kind to Jackson and brought toys to him. My mom was thinking that maybe Xander could sense that Jackson needed extra sensitivity because he doesn't have a mommy (fortunately he has a very good daddy and 2 very attentive grandmas.) He would bring him books and open them for him. Of course, these were Jackson's toys that Xander was using! LOL

We also enjoyed watching the progress Xander made as he got more and more comfortable with my grandma, who is 91 and still sharp as a tack! It took a while, and she was very patient, but he finally started responding to her. I was able to take this priceless video. These are the moments in life that are to be treasured. (The voices in the back are Jackson and his grandma.)

In the evening I had 3 friends over. We ate pizza, chips and salsa, and TALKED and TALKED and TALKED. We moved from the living room, to the dining room, to the backyard, where we ended up staying for over 2 hours. We covered many major issues and managed to have a lot of fun. The night flew and before we knew it, it was nearly midnight. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, happy about all the relationships that were strengthened throughout the day. A very good day!

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Karen said...

That is a great video to have, especially for Xander when he's older. And you're a great aunt for making sure that relationship develops.

Jackson is a cutie, too!