Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 1 in Retrospect...

The first week of school ended today, and, as usual, I think I already have an idea of how things are going to be this year. The kids' personalities have definitely emerged. My class is made up of the typical potpourri:

1. the perfectionists (do everything right, follow every direction)
2. the hand-raisers
3. the wanna-be teachers ("Teacher, you forgot to...")
4. the talkers
5. the sneaky ones
6. the helpers
7. the not-performing-to-potentials
8. the needy ones
9. the polite ("Have a nice weekend, Teacher.")
10. the cheeky (Me: "Why didn't you do your homework?" Child: **shrug**)
11. the wallflowers
12. the tardy
13. the tattlers ("So-and-So was talking when he was benched...")
14. the minimalists ("How many lines is half a page?")
15. the over-achievers ("Is it OK if I do the back too?")
16. the whiners
17. the clock-watchers ("When's recess?" "When's lunch?" When do we go home?")

In other words: a pretty normal class. But, overall, they are nice kids. And now that I'm in my 13th year of teaching I can feel myself being calmer and drawing more from past experiences with other kids with similar issues. There is definitely something to be said for experience.

That being said, this 3-day weekend came JUST IN TIME. Freedom!


Karen said...

hee hee - I'm trying to figure out which categories my three kids would belong in. =)

I'm with you on the 3-day weekend arriving just in time. It seems silly to need a break after only 9 days of school, but we're all ready for a day off!

Kristie said...

LOL! I have found that most kids belong to 2-3 categories, and we've only had 4 days of school and I'm so grateful for this long weekend! I'm already tired of getting up at 5:30am, standing so much, and talking all day long. I guess I'm in the whiner category!

Tricia said...

Ha! I was doing the same thing as Karen- labeling my own kids as I went down your list. :) We haven't even started school yet. Monday is our last Hurrah before the big day.