Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm on top of the world...


Because my classroom's ceiling is fixed. The maintenance guys were working on it this morning before school even began. I was so worried that we would be forced out of the classroom for a few days because you just never know how long it will take to get things fixed.

I did have to take my kids to another classroom for about half an hour. It is an empty classroom, so there were no materials, not enough desks, and just a few storybooks. I read them one and a half books and then it was time to go back to our own room. It was so nice to be back among our own things! I had new appreciation!

And, along that theme, here are 3 songs that I recorded this afternoon on MySpace Karaoke, including The Carpenters' Top of the World. I used to sing that song when I was a little kid. It is a special part of my childhood.

Click the song titles to listen, and thanks for listening!




All very different styles of songs! I'm often in a singing mood on Monday afternoons. Not sure why...

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Karen said...

I love "Top of the World!" That makes me think of my childhood, too. My parents had the big ABBA LP album, and I would put it on the record player and dance around the family room. =)