Friday, December 6, 2013

Simplifying Christmas

Somewhere between selling the CA house and us buying the Little Chalet RV, I decided to scale down on Christmas a bit this year.  In 2010, we had 3 Christmas trees throughout the house. In 2012 we had 2. Now most of the lights on the 6 year-old pre-lit living room tree have died and the smaller, white, family room tree has been promoted. (A great tree because it is so easy to put together and the lights have all worked consistently for 3 years now.)

Downstairs it was in red and gold. Upstairs it is in red and silver.  And, thanks to Dollar Tree, I was able to find the perfect tree skirt to match the colors for only $1. Nice...

I also scaled down on the big nativity from Mexico, inherited from my grandparents.  After rearranging Christmas items into a different closet a few months ago, the beautiful creche built by my grandpa and painted by my grandma is now wedged between the closet door and a beam (bad planning on my part.) Freeing it involves moving my piano, which I just didn't feel like doing this time.  Obviously I need to move it and store it somewhere else...eventually.

So the Mexican nativity is being displayed "creche-less" this year.  I still think it looks pretty, just a little simpler.  Interestingly, when I was unwrapping each piece from the tissue paper, I noticed that Baby Jesus was bought in Portugal, not Mexico.  (My grandparents did travel to Portugal.) What happened to the original little Mexican Baby Jesus?

As usual, decorating took 2 days. One day for the decorations and one day for the tree. I like to pace myself.  The good thing about finally putting everything into those big Rubbermaid storage containers is that all of the non-Christmas stuff can go in there too.

Here's our simple little fireplace:
Rudolf is one of my many boutique finds, the reindeer family is from my paternal grandma, and the Santa spray was a Secret Santa gift at my last school. And our 2 little stockings, purely for looks!

Ramius likes the way everything turned out:
"Nice decorations.  I can't wait to rip them all apart."

Thankfully, he only batted at a couple of ornaments and ripped off a few pieces of the fake holly on the centerpiece. It is his 5th Christmas, after all--time to mature a little.  (His 4th in Washington!  He's a true Washington kitty.)

Eric is grateful that I suggested no outside lights this year.  As much as I love Christmas lights, I could sense the dread he was having to put them up, so we're taking the year off.  Last year he ran back and forth to Target 2-3 times in one day getting the right amount of the same lights, so he deserves a break.

I also decided on minimal Christmas cards. Last year at this time there was a huge bunch, stamped and mailed, containing a lovely card and a Christmas letter. This year will be e-cards and emailed letters, with the exception of immediate family.

I love Christmas, everything about it--the decorations, the lights, the music, atmosphere (aside from the shopping frenzy, which I try to avoid.) The house is definitely ready for the season, just a little less than usual.  I guess that is my gift to me. 

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Melanee Evans said...

Yes to simplifying anything, particularly Christmas! Wonderfully warm images, and a great inspiration. Love it, Kristie!